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(13:37:27) Tina C (guest):


(13:37:52) Tina C (guest):

Hello Azda Smiley Any news on the chat? Smiley

(13:37:52) Molly:

Hello, my hay is waiting so: Mooooh!

(13:38:13) Tina C (guest):

Hahaha.. no, Molly.. that one was for Azda Smiley

(13:38:53) Tina C (guest):

I'm out again Smiley See you at the stables

(11:44:21) Azda:

hi Tina - no, no news...

(10:11:41) Azda:

hey Molly, not much happening in here - good for your digestion! Smiley-sunglasses

(10:13:51) Random fan (guest):

Does anyone know anything about the overall message in d-a-d's music

(10:13:51) Molly:


(10:22:56) Random fan (guest):

i mean stuff like their political influences

(19:18:26) Azda:

it's all in the ears of the listener... Smiley-cyclops

(07:23:20) coronet:

Gooooooood morning Denmark, hey, Azda, hello Molly, is it true ? D-A-D are coming to KIELER WOCHE this year? Perhaps with some new songs?

(07:23:20) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(07:23:20) Molly:


(07:25:48) coronet:

Hello Molly, are You on the green gras or still in the stables ?

(07:25:48) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(07:25:48) Molly:

See you there - mooh!

(12:22:36) Azda:

hey coronet - Molly is a bit confused Smiley-wink

(12:23:14) Azda:

regarding Kieler Woche I haven't heard a single syllable - will check Smiley-tongue

(17:48:58) coronet:

Hey Azda , Molly had too many gras-cookies. Even in the Schleswig-Holstein--TV-News they reportet about the gig on 16.06.17, 21:00 clock. Did You have a quarrel with the guys or why didn`t they tell You?