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Posted: Sun, 2017-02-26 19:44


I have following for sale. I would prefer to sell it all together in one deal and not just in bits one by one. It is the last objects from my collection, which was quite a lot bigger 7 years ago… I will be happy to find a decent and fair price if your buy it all…


+ Christmas card from 2006 (Signed by all four).
+ Christmas card from 2009 (Signed by all four).
+ Christmas card from 2012 (Signed by all four).
+ Single: Scare Yourself (Signed by all four).
+ CD/DVD: Scare Yourself Alive (Signed by all four).
+ CD/DVD: Scare Yourself Special DVD edition (Signed by all four).
+ Two Postcards/Tickets from the release party for Scare Yourself.
+ Brand new Laust Sonne Avantgarde Drumsticks (One set).
+ VHS: Good clean family…
+ DVD: Good clean family…
+ DVD: True believer.
+ CD: The Whiteouts (Jesper Binzer on drums).
+ CD: Dear (Laust) – Nice Noizy Toys.
+ CD: Dear (Laust) – Billy B.
+ CD: Beth Hart (feat. Jesper Binzer) – Leave the light on.

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Posted: Sun, 2017-03-19 23:59

I would like to buy it all but it depends on the price?


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