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Posted: Mon, 2004-05-10 15:06

I've read the topics about Rock 'n' Royal and I also must admit I found Stig costume quite amusing, as well as his little "eye oppener" during It's After Dark, but really.. Doesn't any body care about Molly? I (for one) though it was really cool to see Molly with a crown on (you might say it was "kronen på værket Smiley-wink ).. Also at their gig in London, where she was all dressed up like an indian..
Is it mainly for their own personally fun and enjoyment D-A-D makes scene effect like the huge sofa, the lotus, Molly.. Or do some of you guy's also look very much forward to see what new stuff are on stage? I for one become very happy when I see that Molly has becomed furred or got a crown on her head ect..
I like D-A-D 'coz of their music but also very much 'coz of their visual stage effects..

(Just though Molly needed to be remembered)


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Posted: Mon, 2004-05-10 15:29

I think we all noticed the royal Molly. But the most cool molly ever was during the EG days, or the "fishy" Smiley-wink days. (just a shame I wasn't so old back then, so I didn't see them at that time).

But what about finding the bicycle molly again!?!? Smiley-laugh



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Posted: Mon, 2004-05-10 16:05

of course I noticed her... it's always exciting to see how they stuff the stage with funny stuff Smiley-tongue



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Posted: Fri, 2004-05-14 09:40

sure I noticed molly also Smiley-wink she'll always be the queen of D-A-D's rodeo Smiley and she'll always own a special place in the fan's hearts!


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Posted: Wed, 2004-05-19 18:42

No Disneyland After Dark live performance whitout Molly - she is jolly!

Funnie thing about the crown!

The show at Rock´n Royal was great - one sat and heard the other bands - manny were good (some were as bad as one could not imagine) - but in the end one just wanted some real quality kick ass - and when the coverd Molly was rolled into the left stage then one could almost not wait to she the boys in action. And we were not to be dissapointed - I think all the so called "high sociaty members" were blown away!
(not to mention the unpolished Kong Christian).



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