The Road Below Me

Like a roach in a sink, I was fighting the water
I fell on my back down the drain
I'd drown you'd think but no sooner than later
I was back on my feet again
Yeah, I crawled on the streets, looking up at the buildings
And often I hid my face
I paced among feet, your floor was my ceiling
But now I live like I own the place

On the road below me
I smile at the joys of travelling
On the road below me
I can handle almost everything
On the road below me
First I was sad; but now I'm free
On the road below me
The distance from here to a memory

Every day was a mountain, the fear of what hid
Inside of the timeworn phrases
I went from pale to gray, from being shut away
And now I can't resist new faces
Days become weeks, yeah, March becomes May
Looking back at my sleepless nights
But, hey, I'm built for trouble and I can take a lot
And I can safely say: "I'm allright"!

On the road below me ... Allright!

You know wonders are wonderful
-Even when they are being asked for..
Yeah, we just don't know
What life has in store for us..
Because the moral of this is immoral
And the moral escapes me now...

On the road below me ...

The Sky Is Made Of Blues

You followed rules unintended
Yeah stood in line and lost your senses
What did you do to be accepted

It’s coming up the things that keep you down
Rears its head, makes a sound
You know it’s time to turn around

Yeah, the trick is just to hangon ’till tomorrow
A dreamless sleep is all you’re going to lose
Sunshine’s always best to solve your troubles
At night you know, the sky is made of blues...
The sky is made of blues...

Close your eyes, now it’s your turn to see
You move in truth, you move in peace
You’re going to stay, you don’t wanna leave
You know you’re here, yeah you know you’re free...

The Truth About You

Yeah, the thruth is
Over and over I know
Slower and slower things grow
It might not be pretty I know
But, the change is happening slow
You've found a pitifull tongue
Yeah, it translates what you've become
Worse than crazy - you're dumb..!

So, I say see ya
I wouldn't wanna be ya'
Everything is clearer
The truth about you..
You got noone to lie to
Noone there to cry to
I just want to say goodbye to..
- The truth about you..

The truth is..
Love arrives and it dies
Old darknesses, childhood lies..
We all got our own disguise
I just wish you'd be more of a surprise
Until I'm gone and all grown
I'll always want someone to own
But, with you - I just want to be alone

I don't mind the coming down
It's the way it's got to be
I only hope I'm left inside

There's A Ship

I got a lord of my own
& I got him at home
He's the one that I trust
Not to say I must
He is a friendly guy
He used to live in the sky
But then I gave him my key
& now he lives with me
He is not the holy ghost
Or my father nor my son
If I should give him any name
It would be: Captain Fun

There's a ship There's a ship
Sailing by Sailing by
There's a ship There's a ship
Sailing by Sailing by
There's a ship There's a ship
Sailing by Sailing by
There's a ship In the sky
Sailing by Sailing by

& I know if I try
He will always stand by
If I should laugh & cheer
I'll know he's here
He's like E.T. if you're askin' me
But he wears this plastic bubble
& that gave us trouble
Coz he's from the sky
& without it he would die
People ask: Whats that?
I reply: That's Capt. Spacehat

There's a ship...

Time Is A Train

Time is a train
And when it’s moving slow
It takes you where you need to be
Time is a train
And where you wanna go
It's living inside like a dream

I tell you time is a train...
Yeah we’re moving again

Yesterday’s gone
And tomorrow won’t come
The past and the future’s the same
Nothing’s remembered
It’s fading way
But we’re still moving my friend
I tell you time is a train…
And we’re moving again
Yeah time is a train
Yeah we’re moving again

I know a guy
He’s in a window seat
Afraid that he’s been stuck in reverse
He just forgot
We ride the same train
Same time, same planet, same curse

Time Swallows Time

If you hide; the kid inside
The more you live; the more he dies
That's the cost of livin
Always taking, never giving

Give up things, that won't come back
'Coz what you lost was all you had..
I look around to see
Is there anyone like me?

I'll close my eyes and try to understand
All there's left of my rock is a grain of sand..

Time swallows time and
And year swallows year
Time swallows time
And all the time it disappears
Time swallows time

Float around, stay low and wait
I close my mouth around the bait
Pull it when you're able
I'm a goldfish on a table

Believing things that isn't true
There's a kid inside of you
And you don't hear him crying
But slowly he's dying...

I'll close my eyes and try to understand
All there's left of my rock's a grain of sand

Time swallows time
And year swallows year
Time swallows time
And all the time it disappears
Time swallows time
And year swallows year
- I guess it does; it's this time a year

All the time just disappears
I guess it does; it's this time a year
Time swallows time
And down the throat next year slips
Time swallow time
And year licks it's lips

Too Deep for Me

Yeah there's a difference
The eye can barely see
You can be so charming
When you want something from me
The way that my dream's kicked around
The sky is so blue, but it's red all over the ground
Still it's a difference
But I see…

They call you famous
But people think you're insane
You're really just faceless
It's only a role you play

A lot of confusion
In what to believe
Is it a sin or a weakness
When nothing new appeals
Still when you ask how I feel
I need to send out a message
I'm ready to kill
The eye can barely see
But I see…

I have lived too long
In a different world
How do spacemen land
Without getting hurt
And all we ever wanted
Was put into silent stone
It's too deep for me
To cross alone…


I grew up under a stetson® in Omaha...
But my mama she told me
I wouldn't go far
Now I'm out on the highway
Every night & day
Just driving the cattle
From N.Y. to L.A.

Me & my 18 wheeler
Across the USA
Me & my 18 wheeler
Every night & day

Now my mom & dad are proud to see
The stickers on my window
And my Disneyland t·ee
The diesel engine take me away
Way across the USA


Singing: Yiiiiipiiiii - yiiiiipiiiii yiiiiipiiaai
This diesel engine takes me away
Singing: Yiiiiipiiiii - yiiiiipiiiii yiiiiipiiaai
Way across the USA

True Believer

I have my hair high and low
Anywhere the wind blows
I'm doing M.P.H anywhere my soul goes
I'm hell riding and gasoline d
That's all I need for the life that I lead

I'm a true believer Yes I am
You try and get me if I can

Yeah! I'm riding alone and I've drugged my senses
There's no one else to take the consequences
See when the is gone free & the night creeps up on me
I take my B.M.W that's where I wanna be...

I'm a true believer Yes I am
And you try to get me if you can
Get me! Honk!! Honk!!! Argh.!!
True believer Yes I am.
True believer Yes I am..
True believer Yes I am...
True believer Yes I am...


The noise that breaks the sleep, it's deep calling the deep
The ship goes up and down
All the curtains drawn, the lamps are early on
On top, a hundred dawns
The day we stayed inside, the trunks began to slide
Nor awake or nor dressed
Portholes dark and green, over the side into the deep
You know if you haven't guessed
Six white sharks and the sailors sing - out loud

Wouw wouw wouw
Another tyrant will rise
Wouw wouw wouw
Violent sea, violent skies

Un Frappe Sur La Tête

Lying low now - yeah, for a year or two
And I mean it - untill the week is through
Just myself now - and the stains to be explained
Phone and cancel - stay in and be a saint
But, a whistle - and I'm like a dog again ..
Celebrating - yeah, it's great to stay up late

One kick in the head
I was asking for it
Une frappe sur la tête
I've been begging for it
Yeah, a slap in the face
Yeah, famous last words

Every nightmare turns out to be the same
Through the forest - I'm howling out my name

In my bedroom - the dogs won't catch the fox
I've got business - a bit more than I thought
But, I ain't talking - I don't know what it's about
I hold my hand out - yeah I'm such a naughty boy

One kick in ...

Everybody - should know about my curse
But, I say talking, will only make it worse
Keep me quiet - whispers in my mouth
Come and watch me! Like cats around a mouse
I need a punchline - to bring the house down..
All my old ones - will make you cry n turn around

One kick in ...


I hope my mind is like a parachute
I hope it opens on time
I know the same as I knew before
All is lost inside
I know that I must turn and strip
All the armour from my heart
I must stop all this
From going wrong
It mustn't show on the outside
A broken brain
With the truth
To be as bad as it takes
Yeah to be a true saint
In the name of the unexplained
Ain't gonna give 'em no rest
This is serious business
In the name of the unexplained
I know that life's real mystery
Maybe further out than death
If I know everything about the world
I wish I knew a little less
We all stare at the ground
Hands in pockets going round 'n' round
Abuse and irony hurting me
The blisters on my tongue
The shamefaced shuffle
The tightlipped smile
Taste your medicine
I know who I am
And so do you
It just goes round and round
I know my mind
Is like a hurricane
And I will blow you all away