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Posted: Mon, 2007-05-07 20:14

I got it working.. "udemærket" recording Smiley-wink

But what is wrong with the dude screaming "spil noget vi kender" (play something we know) between D-Law and 1900? What an idiot!

Joined: 2007-02-21

Posted: Mon, 2007-05-07 21:46

After 7 hours of Downloading i finally have it.
It sounds good so thank you very much.

The only thing that is a bit bad is that the crowd is so loud and the music is so quiet.

It would be nice if you could seperate the crowd and band sound so you could get the band in front.

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Posted: Tue, 2007-05-08 14:06

Hey guys.
I really needs some help with theese FLAC files. I've converted the torrent files to Flac and downloaded illuminable. but with program should i use for opening the flac files?

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Posted: Tue, 2007-05-08 14:08

Nevermind. I found out Smiley-midget-laugh

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Posted: Tue, 2007-05-08 15:18

Thanks a lot for the torrent! Downloading right now. Can't wait to hear it...:-D Finally, our favorite band is back with new tunes! Great Smiley-laugh

See ya!

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Posted: Tue, 2007-05-08 16:32

Thanks again Velvet Taper.

Now.. how about some more Copenhagen tourdates, that would be totally cool...


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Posted: Tue, 2007-05-08 22:40

downloaded and seeding Smiley so far, I seeded over 3 GB today Smiley-midget

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Posted: Sat, 2007-05-12 00:13

thanx a lot, that's really cool! Great setlist!

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Posted: Sat, 2007-05-12 10:48

Thanx for that velvetaper.

Like another person said, I'm a bit annoyed by the "high" crowd and "low" band, but the new songs are interesting.

I'm seeding away already passing 3700MB.

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Posted: Sat, 2007-05-12 19:57

Torrent is the best way to go for file distribution.

I have uTorrent running 24/7. It is great to finally see some D-A-D stuff. I hope to see more.

I live over in the USA and don't get a chance to go to any D-A-D concerts. All I have is what you all share with me.

Basic Torrent etiquette is to seed what you leach. I will make it a practice to seed indefinitely any D-A-D stuff that I get.

You all are the best.

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mjj (not verified)

Posted: Mon, 2007-05-14 11:32

Who is playing the harmonica in Tyrants?

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Posted: Mon, 2007-05-14 12:07

Cobber plays it...Take a look here http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/20070505/2/